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Cloud Computing for the Common Man – Mr. PC Fixer

Cloud Computing for the Common Man

Today we are going to take a look at Cloud Computing and the benefits it may provide for you.  Let’s start with what cloud computing is.

The definition of Cloud Computing is simply the use of computing resources; such as software and hardware; that are located elsewhere.  These resources; while located remotely; are delivered to the users via the internet and then accessed through a web browser.  One great example of Cloud Computing is our email.  Our email is not stored on our computers, it is stored by the email provider’s company on their servers elsewhere.

Needless to say, we can check if a computing process is truly Cloud Computing by checking to see if it meets the two requirements listed in the definition above.

Now how about we look at why it is called Cloud Computing.  I know most of you are expecting some really detailed and confusing explanation that can really only be understood by a professional but that isn’t what we have here!  The reason it is called Cloud Computing is simply because the cloud is the shape that was used by the creators to visually symbolize all the complex resources, setting and interactions that occur.  Rather than listing everything that it could do it was simply called ‘the cloud’ after the symbol that was used

Now that we understand the definition we need to understand why Cloud Computing is such a big deal!  Cloud computing has many advantages one is the ‘Unlimited’ Storage Capacity.   Cloud computing offers virtually limitless storage.  Whatever you need to store you can!  The space on your hard drive is nothing in comparison to the space ‘the Cloud’ can give you.  There is also Universal File Access.  Have you ever gotten home from work or school and realize that you left an important document behind or even vis versa?  that’s not a problem with cloud computing because with ‘the Cloud’, you don’t actually take your documents with you.  Instead they remain on a server for you to access at any time via an internet connection.  All your documents are available for you to access instantly!

What about having Device Independence?  With ‘the Cloud’ you are no longer tied to a single computer or network!  How awesome is that!  If you change computers for any reason your existing applications and documents will follow you.  No more re-loading programs or transferring documents, now everything will follow you with no hassle.   You also get Instant Software Updates, which means you don’t have to choose between obsolete software and high upgrade costs.  As soon as the software manufacturer updates