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Remote Computer Repair, the Benefits and Why You Should Try It. – Mr. PC Fixer

Remote Computer Repair, the Benefits and Why You Should Try It.

  Now this is nothing new in the computer repair world by any means. The first remote computer repair was usually very limited with having to setup RDP on remote computers or just basic FTP functions. There were other options but nothing was made for an end user.  This involved either another tech on the other computer to setup or someone knowledgeable enough to not muck it up. Now in 2012 we have many options for remote repair applications. They are truly a techs best friend and a customer’s soon to be main go to source for quick affordable computer repair. We use programs like Teamviewer; this application is built for techs and easy to learn for beginner users.  My main talking points are all pretty much bulletproof reasons you should give this kind of service a try.

  1. Security: I know there is a certain amount of trust you need to have to allow a stranger into your home to fix a problem. The same holds true to allowing someone to gain full control over your computer. I think it goes without saying if my computer can connect to the internet I find it would be safer and quicker to get instant help. Rather than to setup an appointment than allow someone into my home. Now since my business does both on site and remote repair I can argue both sides. Vetting a repair company is crucial to a good decision and can be simplified by checking out a highly recommended company, that has roots all over the web and a strong local customer base. By checking those few things out first before that phone call will allow you a much greater feel for that business.

  2. Tutoring: We are able to not just fix most issues but also inform the customer by having them watch what we do and interact via chat or video while it’s being done.  Offering not just a repair option but an honest to goodness ability to teach via the internet. I have had plenty of great sessions with clients via this method.   Most find it convenient and instantly feel like they have taken valuable information away in the process. This is a huge plus for anyone who is elderly/homebound or too far to do a face to face session. Also this can be done on tablets as well.

  3. Time managed: Here’s the one I find very helpful especially to those with busy schedules that only allow them free time at night. You can setup an appointment with our business anytime you would like 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are not your cable company offering you 4 hour blocks of time, “we will get there when we get there” attitude. Countless customers use this as the best method to learn something or get something fixed. When doing this it allows you to get ready and focus for the training. Or cook dinner put the kids to bed and grab a cup of coffee. This is the most enjoyable part of this type of service and extremely valuable to many people.

  4. Expense: By using our services to remote in, we charge a flat fee per session. There is no need to watch the clock anymore and worry about going over a perceived budget you had in mind. This is by far a true money saving option that should be considered before opting for an on-site visit. 80% of the time a computer issue can be fixed remotely, so make sure you find out if this is an option if you are still vetting services.

I see this technology becoming more and more useful every day in this business. Being able to manage businesses and remote office locations via software and internet connection is the way our business is shifting. You should never be afraid to try something new, because you will never learn if you don’t try it at all. I know my family loves it when I can just pop on, take control and fix the issue in an instant. It keeps them and me happy Love ya grams J Brent Simpson Owner/Operator Mr.PCfixer