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“I Wish I Could Do That”…Well Maybe You Can. Have You Asked For Help? – Mr. PC Fixer

“I Wish I Could Do That”…Well Maybe You Can. Have You Asked For Help?

Tutoring it is a word that makes me cringe a bit! When someone asks me for tutoring I bring my best to the table because when I was in school I HATED it. Teaching me was a difficult task, “I’m sure I made a few teachers sigh when they saw me every day in class”. But as my business develops and grows into something that is amazing and difficult at the same time I learn something new every day.  Now teaching others young or old is something I like to think I do well now.

The hardest part about learning something new is that first step, the one where you ask someone else for help. It takes an immense amount of self-control and desire to fully engage in learning something new. That is where I try and do my best, when I represent my business I look people in the eye and start from their level this is a must. If I don’t have your attention or make you want to learn than I have already lost you.

I have a few clients as of late they have wanted tutoring “there’s that word again” via remote sessions. This is a growing trend I think will get bigger and bigger within the next 10 years. WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY, IT IS POSSIBLE NOW!  It is cheaper than you think and the best part is you’re the only one in the room and the teacher has only you to engage. The options for remote technology not only tutoring but repairing and monitoring are in the pre-teen years. There are so many options we have only begun to explore. Our basic tutoring sessions are very up close and personal; it’s nice not to talk to someone half way around the world WE KNOW.

Learning basics on a computer is the most requested in our remote tutoring sessions.  We have never left someone not knowing more than when they went in. I tell most clients to make a list before the session begins and we will go through that list with a fine tooth comb. The point I’m trying to make with all of this is the United States of America as a nation does not lead the world in education. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get one that’s affordable and from where you need to start today.

The options are almost endless with ways to enrich your life in the world of tech. I make it a point to learn something new about business and ways to make lives better ever y week, this blog is one of those. I am no writer, ask my aunt Carol! She’s a teacher and has graded a few of these blogs for me “a lot of red ink” ha-ha. But again the options are here people; we just have to take that first step. It will benefit you more than a steak dinner and a movie with the spouse and it will cost you less.

Brent Simpson

Owner/Operator Mr.PCFixer