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Remote Repair – Mr. PC Fixer

Your computer experts in Cape Coral and Fort Myers

Remote Repair

We can offer you remote computer repair help in a flash! We are not limited to the Cape Coral and Fort Myers area. You don’t even have to get out of your chair. Just call us to get it started now. We can do this anywhere in the US. We will help you install a small program that will allow us to remotely fix your computer.

We will start work in minutes or at a scheduled time that you set. Then sit back and relax while we repair or tutor you via the internet. Appointment times can be set anytime you like Day or Night.


Remote Repair can fix most:

  • Computer Booting Problems
  • Virus Infections
  • Computer Setup
  • Cleaning and Tuning for a Faster Running Computer
  • New Program Installation Problems
  • Home Networking and Diagnostics
  • Printer Software Setups for Networked Computers
  • Diagnostic Reporting


Download TeamViewer to allow us remote access for diagnostic analysis and repair.

TV_Mac    TV_PC

Please note that repairing your computer only covers the issue you want fixed at the time of the call. We warranty all work completed for 7 days.

If a different problem needs to be addressed within the 7 days it is not covered by the initial payment.

But if the same problem happens again within our warranty period we will fix the problem with no charge.